Who we are


The Seven is the culmination of 30 years in business and a decade of research into ’The Seven’ intrinsic drivers of motivation.

Founded by Susanne Jacobs, The Seven is a proven formula supported by practical, research based tools designed to build resilience, enhance wellbeing and truly motivate people to think, act and feel differently.


There is a motivation crisis.
Research shows us year on year over 2/3rds of the working population is disengaged. Put simply, the way we are working isn’t working and it isn’t living. The problems we see today are only the symptoms – we need to treat the cause if we are to adapt and grow in the next industrial age.

The root to change lies in how we motivate people, including ourselves, which is predominantly still based on the proverbial carrot and stick. We can do things differently. The solution takes a bit of time to implement, but it is not difficult.

The Seven combines the science, the expertise and the experience to change the way we work, to improve the way we live.


Susanne Jacobs is the founder of The Seven and author of ‘DRIVERS-Creating Trust and Motivation at Work’ which is available now on Amazon.

She specialises in translating the science of optimal performance, sustainable change and resilience into practical tools and techniques for individuals, business leaders and teams. Susanne’s work is award winning and has seen her listed as one of the top thought leaders in the field of trust.