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Susanne Jacobs


Susanne Jacobs, founder of The Seven, is an organisational behaviour and performance specialist. With a combination of 28 years of leadership experience and over a decade of research into the neurobiology of intrinsic motivation and trust, Susanne translates the science of human performance and leadership into practical tools to make work human-fit and ready for the 4th era of industry.

Susanne is a key note speaker, programme facilitator, coach, researcher and author of DRIVERS® – Creating Trust and Motivation at Work and The Human Leadership series.

“We must reshape how we are working. To stop trying to fit humans into the workplace and instead create workspaces fit for humans. To become conscious architects of the experience we want so that we can all work and live on purpose. To give rise to the human organisation that is built in tune with our biology and so nurtures our health, leverages our cognitive advantage and energises our world. “