The human leadership series


The Human Leadership series is a highly relevant curriculum based on, and designed as a result of, robust research into the neurobiological DRIVERS® of trust and intrinsic motivation. Knowledge and practical tools, delivered via talks, leadership coaching, workshops and modular programmes, e-books and podcasts that build human leadership capability. Focusing on the social, inclusive, emotional and cognitive skills identified as critical to future proof organisations for the 4th industrial age.

Human Leadership 4.0

Human leadership is a messy art. We are not wholly rational beings but, we are brilliant given the right conditions. We can choose to reshape, reinvent and reimagine our working world for the better. To do so we need to equip our leaders with different skills and knowledge. To know how to really build cultures of trust and inclusion at a neurological level; to build blended workspaces that spark intrinsic motivation, boost energy, wellbeing and resilience.



The following outlines subject areas that can each be delivered as a single talk, an individual interactive workshop, or combined as modular leadership development programme. Each brings practical research based tools, easy to grasp and apply to the new era of work and blended workspaces.

The full series can also be accessed online through a suite of portable e-books and podcasts.

All learning is designed so it can be delivered virtually. Click here to enquire about what would work for your leaders.

Calm Emotional Resilience and Agile Thinking
  • Learn why our perception can rule our thoughts and actions.
  • How to catch, check and change our response to challenging events to enhance resilience and wellbeing.
Content Intrinsic Motivation and Trust
  • Know what truly motivates us and why.
  • Learn the proven checklist for measuring and
    building trust and sparking intrinsic motivation that delivers real and sustainable, inclusive engagement aligned to core purpose.
Confidence Self-belief and Value
  • Recognising your strengths, values and personal influence to deepen your confidence, resilience, resolve and self-esteem.
Connect Connecting to Others and Building Social Capital
  • How to create genuine connection, mitigate bias, enhance collaboration and strengthen relationships with colleagues and clients.
  • How to enhance communication and deliver feedback that really works.
Clarity Adaptive and Creative Thinking
  • Learn how to improve decision adaptability through widening perspective and strengthening capacity to reframe a situation.
  • Know when and where the best ideas are created and how to enhance creative thinking.
Control Leading through Change and Ambiguity
  • Learn how to increase tolerance of uncertainty and ambiguity, bringing a deepened sense of control and resilience in the face of, and to effectively lead through, change.
(re) Charge Energy Management
  • Learn about the natural ebb and flow of your cognitive energy and how to optimise your performance across the day by managing your energy not just your time.


Each e-book focuses on a specific topic and includes research based practical tools, templates and the knowledge that unpacks the performance science. The learning builds over time to provide a full curriculum of human leadership that can be applied to strengthen resilience, boost innovation and performance, improve wellbeing and deepen engagement, building truly inclusive cultures of trust.

Click here to enquire about what would work for your leaders.

The Little Book of Remote and Hybrid Working

Learn how to work at your best from wherever you are.


The Little Book of Calm

A fundamental property of human leadership is self-awareness. To have the psychological literacy to tune into our emotions brings us insight; insight to our minds ‘eye’ such that we can extend the space between it’s view of the situation and our response, affording us choice. This e-book delves into how we can use our minds to our advantage and bring composure to challenge.


The Little Book of certainty

We live and work in an uncertain world filled to the brim with change and ambiguity. Successfully leading in this environment is notoriously difficult and brings with it unmapped landscapes full of pitfalls. This book explores how we can use and apply the science of motivation to navigate and lead through change in an uncertain world.


The Little Book of Trust and Intrinsic Motivation

Trust is the performance currency. Trust is the foundation for motivation, the fuel for optimal cognitive function and innovation. And yet, so little is understood about what creates trust. This book delivers the formula for trust. A recipe that will spark intrinsic motivation, boost wellbeing and build inclusive environments where everyone can thrive.


The Little Book of Cognitive Advantage

Would you like to know how to do more by doing less? How about improving decision making and innovation? We have huge potential but, if we want to tap into it we need to know how to use our energy wisely. This book delves into the science and tools to get the best from your brain so you can boost your energy, performance and creativity.


The Little Book of connection

We long to belong, but how, as leaders, can we establish real connection and improve communication? Organisations are a matrix of relationships; how healthy the connections are will determine how the organisation will function. This book delves into how to establish and maintain healthy connected systems through which ideas and conversations flow.


The Little Book of Systems Leadership

We are, we live in and we operate within systems. Systems contain elements that act on, and are acted upon, by other elements that when combined emerge to produce an outcome. Really understanding the organisation’s system, and how it relates to the contextual system in which it operates, provides visibility to where and what fuel is most needed. The interrelationship, and feedback loops, of all the components and what really drives success provides insight that enables leaders to focus energy and attention on what is most valuable. This book examines what is needed to successfully lead the whole ecosystem of work.


The Little Book of Growth and Learning

The ability to adapt is core to any organisation's survival. Creativity, learning and growth needs a safe space to flourish. This book explores what gets in the way of creativity, how to create a learning culture by stop giving ‘feedback’ and, what is really needed to establish the space and conditions for growth and continual learning.



The story and science of the DRIVERS® of Trust. The real formula for intrinsic motivation. Available from Amazon and other leading retailers.

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